Whole30 – My First Week

I’m not entirely sure what made me jump into Whole30 so suddenly. Most normal people think about it for awhile and plan carefully. Me, I was reading the Well Fed cookbook and enjoying the recipes so much that I thought I should just jump in and take a shot since they are mostly Whole 30 compliant anyway.

marya beforeHere’s the dreaded “before” shot. Yes, it’s in my dark room and I’m wearing a loose black turtle neck. Plus it’s blurry. Gotta start somewhere and no, I’m not divulging my weight right now!

Doing a Whole30 (or Paleo, really) does involved a good amount of planning and prep to avoid getting stuck with plummeting blood sugar and raiding the contents of the the non-Whole30 kitchen cabinet. It means lots and lots of veggies as well as good fats. I’ve found that I am good for about four hours after eating a Whole30 meal.

Unfortunately I have been having a very bad run of sickness this winter. One after another. It seems like I never quite get over the last thing and I get hit with something else. January has been brutal for me. I’ve got the cooking and shopping done but I just have not been able to exercise, not even yoga until yesterday. Of course that is going to affect weight loss but I decided to just stay off the scale and not let it depress me.

One big meal adjustment has been breakfast. Typically I would just eat what my kids were eating which alternates between oatmeal and scrambled eggs with gluten free bread. Sometimes my husband will make omelettes but those are typically loaded with cheese.

I’ve come up with a few go to ideas. It’s important that it be simple since I have to make two breakfasts. One is shakshuka, a traditional Middle Eastern dish of eggs poached in some diced tomatoes, peppers, onions and spiced with cumin and paprika.

paleo breakfast

Another big family favorite is Cuban picadillo. The best thing about it is making hash with it the next morning!



I’m a big fan of “garbage” scrambles which I do frequently for lunch. I just stir fry some meat and veggies and add a sauce to them.

I’ve been too sick to really notice any of the highly touted Whole30 benefits but I can say that I have had NO sugar cravings. This is somewhat miraculous for me. I’m just trying to take this one day at a time and not take it for granted. I have to stay on top of what’s in the house and always have a plan for the day to avoid slip ups. I do have to come up with a plan for snacks to take when I’m out and I hope I can get around to making some jerky this week.

Are you doing Whole30 or Paleo? How’s it going?


  1. Those look like some tasty breakfasts.. I am thinking the toddler may enjoy some tangier morning eggs!
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