Understanding the Basics of Health Care Reform

healthcare reforms

(This is a sponsored post from United Health Care, but opinions are my own.)

Health Care Reform can be a volatile issue and I understand my readers have very differing opinions about it.  The purpose of this article to discuss some of the basics of Health Care Reform that may be new and hopefully useful to some. I have had my own frustrations over the years with our private insurer and it was helpful to research this article to deepen my understanding of health care reform.

Why Health Care Reform Matters

Health care costs are continually rising, leaving many Americans left out because they could not afford it. Additionally, many Americans did not have health care coverage due to pre-existing conditions. One in six Americans have no health care coverage.

What Are Health Spending Accounts?

A health spending account is similar to a health savings account (HSA), a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) or a flexible spending account (FSA) and is paired with a qualifying health insurance plan. The money in these accounts is used by the consumer to pay for qualified medical expenses such as copayments, deductibles, some drugs and some other health care costs.

Tips on Comparing Health Care Plans

Choosing the right healthcare plan can be complicated. Open enrollment offers you the opportunity to compare the plans that are available to you. See what’s being covered and evaluate based on your health and what meets your needs. Estimate costs for the coming year to evaluate if you have adequate coverage.

For further information, please watch the following videos from United Health Care.

Open Enrollment Guide

Health Insurance Exchanges 101

What is the Healthcare Marketplace?

The Healthcare Marketplace is where individuals and businesses can choose and buy health insurance. Created as part of federal law to help people find health care coverage that fits their needs. Insurers of all plans being offered must meet federal and state guidelines. People who buy insurance can compare apples to apples and determine what is the best plan for their family’s needs.

Changing Health Plans

Shopping for Health Care

Choosing a Health Plan

Save on Health Insurance

What if I have Insurance through My Employer?

If you get insurance through your employer, you don’t need to go to the marketplace but it might be helpful to compare how your current plan compares to what is available in the marketplace.

How Can I Get the Most From My Health Care Plan?

It can be very overwhelming reading through all of the new information about health care and figuring out the potential costs. Stay on top of your deductible and out-of-pocket costs. Some companies provide value ads such as nurse lines, apps, and health club costs.

Buying a Health Plan

Save on Health Insurance

United Healthcare offers comprehensive online resources to help you navigate the complex world of healthcare coverage. The United Healthcare website is simple to navigate and easy to understand. Visit  UnitedHealthcare TV for a comprehensive library of short, easy-to-understand videos about health care reform. In addition to Health Care Reform videos, there are lifestyle tips, some Medicare information and personal stories of people who have learned to live with their challenges and how United Healthcare was of benefit to them.

Although I have private insurance, it’s still important for me to understand the new health laws. I had no idea how to learn about healthcare alternatives should I ever need one in the future. The United Healthcare site helped me to easily see what was available to me through their plan within a few minutes of reviewing their website.

  • February 27, 2022