eMeals Review


Meal planning and grocery shopping often is one of the most stressful times of the week for me. Some weeks it happens, and other times it doesn’t. As a long-time “rim” shopper (meaning I generally shop the rim of the store) sometimes I found myself shopping on the fly for meat, dairy and produce. But without a plan, often I found food going to waste.

I was given the chance to try out I’ve been trying to implement a Paleo diet in my life for a long time but always struggled to implement it in a non-Paleo family. With this meal plan, I can just add some rice or potatoes to the meal plan and everybody is happy.

Using a meal plan eliminates the time-consuming task of hunting down recipes and trying them out with frequent hit or miss results. I’m happy to say that all the recipes I’ve tried from eMeals have been very well received by my family. On busy weeks it’s such a relief to print out the grocery list and menu. (On some weeks I can even just hand the grocery list to my husband!)

eMeals offers many plans for small and big households as well as a variety of eating styles (including classic, slow cooker, low fat, Mediterranean and gluten-free among others) and where you like to shop. Switching plans is very easy from within your account if you want to try them out. It’s really very affordable with meals plans ranging from $5 a month (for 12 months) to $10 a month (for three months). Additional plans are available for weekday lunches, breakfast and dessert.

eMeals can help save money by giving you a list to stick with (though I’ve found that following a meat-based Paleo diet isn’t cheap). Financial guru Dave Ramsey highly recommends eMeals.

In conclusion, if meal planning is a source of stress to you I’d suggest you give eMeals a try. Before you commit to a membership, access a sample menu and grocery list to see if it’s a good fit for you and your family.

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  • February 27, 2022