How to Create Essential Oil First Aid Kit (2022)

Essential Oil First Aid Kit

Today I am here with a simple method of how to create an essential oil first aid kit in 2022.

This post and its facts are based on my personal experience that I have been using & experimenting with for the last few years. I hope you would like to read my personal findings and experience with creating and using an essential oil first aid kit for the health of my family.

Let’s start with my DIY essential oil first aid kit!

I’ve been trying out a variety of essential oils over the past few years. My husband jokingly calls me “the witch doctor.” But my kids come to me asking “Is there an oil for ________?” And many times, there is.

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Many of us keep first aid kits handy (which is a good and important thing!) But you can also keep some basic essential oils on hand in a cabinet and you just might find you’ll be able to handle many minor situations that come up at home. By investing wisely in quality essential oils, you’ll find that you’ll heal naturally and save money over the long run.

Getting Started

Find a space, get a container or (if you’re hardcore) an essential oil cabinet or case.  Next, begin stocking up on oils. If you can purchase them all at once you’ll be prepared for many situations. But don’t worry if you can’t. You can start with some of the basics, gradually adding until you have them all.

Want to know some of our family favorites?

Lavender. Lavender is a good basic oil that can be used for a variety of things. Widely used for its calming and relaxing quality, soothes occasional skin irritations.

Eucalyptus. Supports overall respiratory health and healthy immune system function.

Tea Tree. Renowned for its cleansing and rejuvenating effect on the skin, protects against environmental and seasonal threats, and promotes a clear, healthy complexion.

Peppermint. Peppermint oil is wonderful for relieving nausea and stomachaches. Promotes respiratory function and clear breathing.It can also provide relief from muscle pain, headaches, and allergies.

Lemon. Supports healthy respiratory function, soothes irritated throats, promotes a positive mood and cognitive ability, and supports healthy respiratory function. Naturally cleanses the body.

Cypress. Assists with clear breathing promote healthy respiratory function, and soothes tight, tense muscles.

Roman Chamomile. Has a therapeutic, calming effect on the skin, mind and body.

You’ll also want to keep some blends on hand. These are a few of our favorites.

Immune Support Blend – Supports healthy immune function, cleans surfaces and energizing, uplifting aroma.

Focus Blend – Helps maintain focus and a healthy thought process.

Muscle and joint support – soothes sore muscles and achy joints.

Respiratory Support – Maintains clear airways and breathing, and minimizes the effect of seasonal threats.

Grounding blend – aka “Mother’s Little Helper” creates a sense of calm and well-being, promotes whole body relaxation, brings harmony to mind and body.

So it was my method to create an essential oil first aid kit yourself!

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  • February 27, 2022