My 7 Favorite Blogs for Encouragement


Part of self-care is learning to reach out to others. Many of us struggle with isolation. Our schedules are overloaded the daily-ness of caregiving, advocating, and medical and therapy appointments leaving very little time for socializing. While nothing can replace time spent together in real life, it can be really encouraging to find a few blogs that are consistently encouraging and refreshing.

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Use an app like Feedly to help organize them and keep for quick reference. Before you jump on Facebook or other social media, take a few minutes to read something positive and encouraging.

I’m going to keep things simple and just list seven of my go-to websites for spiritual refreshment.

She Reads Truth – I can’t say enough good things about this site. It has revitalized my devotional time which had become quite stale and now, I don’t miss a day.

Rachel Wojo – practical Christian living helps to help you walk out your faith every day.

Clare Smith – If you’re like me, practicing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t come easy. I check in with her frequently to help me keep motivated.

Sheri Dacon writes extensively about her faith, struggles, disability, and the church.

Ellen Stumbo is a mom of three, two with special needs. Her heart is to encourage churches to embrace disability.

Gillian Marchenko is a mom of two girls with Down Syndrome. She also writes eloquently about depression.

Special Needs Parenting is a blog whose mission is to remind special needs parents that they’re not alone.

Do you have any favorite sites to help you stay encouraged along the way?

  • February 27, 2022