Math Mammoth [Homeschool Review]

Math Mammoth is a comprehensive and very affordable math curriculum for elementary school students grades 1-6. It can be used as a stand-alone program or as a supplement. Grades 1-5 are aligned to Common Core standards with grade six due to follow this year.

The Math Mammoth website is very comprehensive with purchase options ranging from complete curriculum, The Blue series (books by topic), worksheets by grade, and review workbooks. Placement tests are also available. There are no teacher’s manuals to purchase. The User Guide provides teaching helps and supplemental websites. Additionally, there are Math Mammoth videos on YouTube. We’ve also used Khan Academy for help explaining concepts.

Downloadable versions are available at Kagi Store and Currclick. You can purchase a CD at Kagi Store and Rainbow Resource Center, while the print versions are available at Rainbow Resource Center and at LuLu. We’ve enjoyed the convenience of the downloadable version.

I’m homeschooling my 14 year old daughter with multiple learning disabilities, including dyscalculia. We’ve tried many different math programs over the years with little success. Last year to my dismay I realized she still wasn’t ready for division and I had no choice but to backtrack. I found Math Mammoth after some online researching and for the very reasonable price of $17.50 for one semester I decided to give it a try. I only wish I had started with Math Mammoth sooner!

Why does Math Mammoth work for us? Math Mammoth is mastery-oriented. It focuses on one topic for a long time, and there are fewer topics per grade. This was a big problem with other math programs for us. They moved on to the next concept before she had mastered what we were working on. The other programs we tried went through many concepts in a year and she never really got any of them.

Math Mammoth reinforces mathematical thinking. My daughter’s computational skills are still very poor but I am seeing a slow and steady improvement in her mathematical reasoning. In addition, there are plenty of visual models and exercises based on those models. This program can also be used fairly independently. We don’t do this often, but it’s nice to have that option available on the days I have outside appointments.

We’ve progressed through one year of the program in about six months and I’m hopeful for continued progress in the future. I highly recommend Math Mammoth for struggling learners.

Want to try before you buy? Math Mammoth offers a free samples download of over 350 quality math worksheets.

  • February 27, 2022