Putting on the Spirit – Ten Minute Devotions for Busy Moms (Review)

I’m excited to share with you a new devotional book that any busy mom can make time to do! Putting on the Spirit: Ten Minute Devotions for Busy Moms is a one-month devotional Bible study on the fruits of the Spirit. In just ten minutes a day, Moms who are in busy seasons of their lives with little ones or caregiving can find the time to soak the Word in and find the relevant applications of the fruits of the Spirit in their daily lives. It’s free for today only and $.99 for the remainder of the week.


Our frenetic society praises “Super Moms” who can multi-task the various responsibilities of parenting in this day and age. But often this business comes at a price. Without making the time to connect with Christ, we can become prideful and think we are doing it all ourselves.

Katie encourages us to evaluate our lifestyles in light of what the Bible says about the Fruit of the Spirit. We may be Super Moms but are we really loving our family and those around us? Where does our joy really come from? How can we live in peace? How can we handle suffering and glorify God? Are we being kind and good? How does faithfulness look in our lives? Why should we want to be meek? Is self-control evident?


It’s so easy to let meaningful Bible study become last on our busy to dos. This is a very doable Bible study for any woman in any stage of her life or walk with Christ. There is some written work but don’t neglect it; Katie reminds us that writing things out is an important part of processing and internalizing the devotions. Don’t let the brevity fool you; you will find yourself pondering the truths of this rich study throughout the day.

To celebrate the launch Katie Hornor is offering Putting on the Spirit (English) for FREE today only (December 10) and for just 99 cents for the remainder of the week. Putting on the Spirit in Spanish is available as well. You can visit Paradise Praises to get the free study workbook.

About the Author: Katie and her husband Tap have been missionaries in Mexico since 2007. They homeschool their four children and minister through church planting, Bible training, bookstore ministry, and homeschool curriculum development.

Katie is a teacher at heart, and by trade, and loves to encourage women in their God-given roles through speaking, writing and blogging. She is the author of this and two other ebooks (at the date of this printing) as well as the Lemonhass homeschool curriculum for Spanish Speaking families.

Katie blogs about marriage, motherhood, and ministry at ParadisePraises.com and she blogs about home education (in Spanish) at EducandoEnElHogar.com.

She has guest posted on various other blogs in her niche and is also the host of Educando en el Hogar, an internet radio show that is part of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network.

Other notes of interest: Katie’s four favorite things are elephants, dark chocolate, the color purple and the mayan hammock in her living room. Oh and she’s due with baby #5 in early Feb. 2014.

  • February 27, 2022