Roman Roads Media: Economics for Everybody (A Schoolhouse Review)

As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received the download version of Economics for Everybody Curriculum by Roman Roads Media.

Economics is a subject that I didn’t really study when I was younger and was only too happy to “outsource” to a virtual high school for my older students. But when this review opportunity came up, I was happy to accept it after reviewing the website.

What made the difference for me? The video format! The production quality is excellent and the presentation most engaging. I actually looked forward to sitting down and viewing Economics for Everybody. I might have paid more attention in high school with this kind of format. R.C. Sproul stated that he has had a profound interest in economics and in the Bible.

He has brought that interest to life in this video series.  This is more than a dry economics study; it explains how religious freedom and good financial stewardship are at the heart of a healthy economics system. Including a discussion of the Christian worldview really opened it up for me. How we handle the little things in our lives is a picture of what is going on in the greater economy.

The lessons are set against a background of classic movie clips and fun music. They are from 20 minutes (Lessons 1-5 and 12) and 20-27 minutes (Lessons 6-11). The lesson outline is presented visually so that students can read along with it. This is fantastic for students with learning disabilities!

What’s covered?

Lessons 1-5 Key Economic Principles

1. And God Created Economics

2. The Economic Problem of Sin

3. The Path from Work to Wealth

4. The Route from Scarcity to Plenty

5. The Role of the Entrepreneur

Lessons 6 and 7: The relationships between theology, philosophy and economics

6. A Tale of Two Theologies, Part 1

7. A Tale of Two Theologies, Part 2

Lessons 9 – 12 examine the application of economics in real life systems.

8. Government Intervention

9. The Two Mysteries of Monetary Policy

10. The Welfare & Corporate States of America

11. Economics Has Consequences

12. Kingdom Economics

We used the study by watching the video together and discussing the PDF study guide that was included. This is a 237-page manual that follows the sequence of the video. It is a lot of information to take in and I expect to use it slowly with my daughter at the suggested pace of one lesson per week – possibly longer because some of it is a little over her head.

I will probably get “What Happened to Penny Candy” to introduce the subject toher. There is a list of additional resources to help flesh out your economics study. These seem to be at an upper high school reading level.

The study guide presents the message introduction, scripture reading, learning objectives, quotations, and the lesson outline followed by discussion/multiple choice questions.

You can purchase the two-DVD set and the 236-page spiral-bound guide for $45.00. A flat shipping rate of $5 will be charged. A downloadable version is coming soon. It’s designed to be the base of a one-semester economics course and will be good for on half a credit in economics.

I give Economics for Everybody my highest recommendation. It’s a great study not only for high school students but for parents and small groups as well.


Roman Roads Media
  • February 27, 2022