Special Needs Homeschooling – 7 Reasons to Consider

special needs homeschooling

Today I am here to discuss special needs homeschooling, an important topic for parents having children with special needs.

Have you ever thought about homeschooling your child with special needs? Here are 7 reasons to seriously think about the benefits that homeschooling can offer your child.

A Real Individual Education Plan

Homeschooling allows you to tailor your child’s education according to his/her learning style and allows you to spend more time addressing the areas of learning weaknesses. You can also individualize the life skills that your child needs to learn.

Control Over Diet 

Many children have special dietary needs and some, such as peanut allergies, can be life-threatening. This can be difficult to control in a school setting. If you are adhering to a strict diet such as GAPS, it’s much easier to stick with it at home where you have control over what your child is exposed to.


Special needs children are often schooled in segregated classrooms and inclusion can be a battle. Homeschooling provides the ultimate inclusion experience. It provides opportunities for socialization with siblings as well as typical peers.

Field Trips during Off-hours 

Families aren’t limited to taking field trips on weekends and school holidays. For sensory kids, visiting a museum, zoo, or aquarium when it isn’t extremely crowded will make a big difference in their ability to enjoy their trip.


Many special needs families have frequent doctor and therapy appointments. They can utilize the time by listening to audiobooks in the car, and reading or playing educational apps in the waiting room.

A Christ-Centered Character Education 

Children with special needs can understand that they are loved by God. For those who struggle with behavior or self-worth issues, there is nothing that can be better than the positive one-on-one experience that comes from being homeschooled. It will give you the opportunity to input your family’s morals and values into their character.

Delight-Directed Learning

What are your child’s passions? Does he or she love cooking, digging in the garden or crafts? Make sure to incorporate the subjects that they love into your homeschool day. It may be the foundation of a future career or business endeavor.

Homeschooling your child with special needs can be an incredible benefit to their education and development but be sure to do your research carefully.

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  • February 27, 2022