Stay At Home Yoga Review

Yoga is one of the most beneficial ways to achieve physical, mental and spiritual wellness in our lives. But to achieve maximum benefit, it must become part of our daily routine. It can’t be something we just run to the gym and do whenever we have the time. But most moms and caregivers just don’t have the time to get to the gym every day. What’s the solution?

I’ve been using the Stay At Home Yoga program for about a year. It’s been the simplest way I’ve found to incorporate yoga into my life on a daily basis. This subscription streaming service makes it easy to do yoga wherever I want to in my house. I just set up my yoga space and iPad wherever I want and I’m ready for my class in minutes.

Whether you have time for a full practice or even just a few minutes here and there, Stay At Home Yoga has a practice that will work for your life and unique schedule. Imagine yoga on your terms, in your space with the benefits of a professional yoga instructor!

Here are some of the features of Stay At Home Yoga:

Pose by Pose Practice

Need some help perfecting your Downward Facing Dog, Warrior or other poses? You’ll find an alphabetical listing of some of the most common yoga positions. As of this writing, there are 24 pose practice videos. Videos are about 4 minutes and provide the benefits and possible contraindications of the post.

Mini Yoga Breaks

It’s so important to work yoga into our daily routines as well as take the time for a full practice. Mini Yoga is a library of short yoga breaks that help you to work yoga into your schedule, no matter how busy! There are currently 40 mini yoga breaks.

stay at home yoga review

 Three Pose Shorts

Sometimes you just don’t have the time for a full practice. This library of 13 videos each contains three yoga poses targeting a particular area. They run about 15 minutes. Don’t have time for a full practice? Try 3 Poses to Start Your Day or 3 Poses to Energize.

stay at home yoga review

Multi Class Series

Finally, the Multi-Class series is a group of full-length classes. Yoga for Desk Jockeys and Work Hard, Rest Deeply are 5 class series and The Lower Body, Middle Body and Upper Body each have 3 classes. The active portion of the classes run from 20-30 minutes, followed by a restorative segment and finally savasna. Yoga for Kids is now available and new series are scheduled for future release including Yoga for Stress Relief and Yoga for Parents.

I’ve been so happy about this simple way to enjoy the benefits of yoga on a daily basis without having to run out to the gym. A note to my Christian readers…these classes are decidedly neutral. There are no uncomfortable spiritual references so I have been completely at ease letting myself relax during these practices.

As a dystonia patient, I’m comfortable recommending this gentle practice to other people with physical issues (though you know yourself and your limitations the best…listen to your body!)

You can try out Stay At Home Yoga for free for 30 days. After that it’s a very reasonable $7.99 per month. or $79.99/year.

Other member bonuses include

Developing a Home Yoga Practice eMail course

“Ask the Yogi” Chats

Stay-at-Home Yoga Community on Facebook.

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(Disclaimer: I did not receive free product for this review. I’m a happy customer and am comfortable recommending it to my readers. I am an affiliate of this product. This doesn’t affect your cost but does help support my blog.)

  • February 27, 2022