Finding Joy in Disability {A Link Round Up}

Finding Joy in disability

I’m starting this new feature today that I will plan to run on Fridays. I’ll be scouring my blog feed for positive and encouraging blog posts from those whose lives are impacted by disability.

Come Away to a Quiet Place – A post after my own heart, reminding me that even Jesus said “Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile.” He said this because there were so many people coming and going that Jesus and his apostles didn’t even have time to eat. (Mark 6:31 NLT)

It’s so important for mom and caregivers like us to find that time away for spiritual renewal and refreshment.

You Go To Places You Never Thought You Could – Did you know there was such a thing as post traumatic growth phenomenon? Caring for our disabled loves ones causes us to grow in ways that we never saw coming. Our eyes are opened to a whole new world and speaking for myself…I don’t look back very often. My son is one of the very best things that happened to me.

14 Ways Parents Can Beat Holiday Stress – In my eternal quest to lessen the stress of my life, I can never read too many of these types of articles. I loved this blogger’s authentic and funny take on holiday stress.

No Room At The Inn – Every special needs parent I know (including me) has a story about their children being rejected. Sadly, the church can be one of the most common offenders. This blogger shows us how Jesus was excluded and rejected just as we were, and so “we are in the best of company.” Remember that we have a High Priest who understands everything that we experience, and we can take our hurts to him.

And Holland Has Tulips – This is a beautiful photo blog of a young woman with Down Syndrome and her family. She helps take care of her younger sister with Parkinson’s. Of course you know that hit me hard! I’ve noticed since I got diagnosed that my son and others with developmental disabilities have a very special compassion for me. They know where it hurts where the regular folks around me often miss it.

Have you read any encouraging articles this week? Please share below!

Minted {Review}

The more digitized our world becomes, the more I find myself appreciating fine paper products. These days we stay in touch with friends and family all year long via social media and don’t get me can be fun and convenient. However, there’s nothing like receiving a real, old fashioned Christmas card and displaying them around your home. True story…I treasure cards and have saved virtually almost every single one I’ve received over my lifetime.

With that being said, I was delighted when Minted asked me to review their holiday cards and gift ideas. I hadn’t heard of them before but I loved looking around their site. Minted offers a unique selection of hundreds of designs from a global community of independent designers. Options that set Minted apart include a selection of papers such as their signature paper (a beautifully thick, 120 lb., 17 point thickness that you’d normally find on fine stationary) recycled paper, pearlescent paper or double thicker. Choose photos on the front, flat or foiled pressed printing with express shipping available on many options.

Here are a few holiday card selections that I loved from Minted.

Minted Review



The uploading process is simple. You can choose one photo or multiple photos to create your own unique holiday card. Personalize it by changing the text. Then choose from a variety of envelopes (preprinted if you like..what a timesaver!) Express shipping is available for an extra charge if needed.

minted review


Minted also offers a number of beautiful gift options. One of my favorites is the Foil Pressed Heart Snapshot Mix Photo Art Print. Pick 30 of your favorite photos and special memories. Each piece will be handpressed individually with real foil. This makes a special gift for yourself, or give to another family member or friend for a treasured memento.

Minted Review

For other gift ideas, take a look at Minted’s framed art prints featuring unique limited art  prints from their global community of artists. Choose your favorite print in sizes ranging from 7″x5″ to 60″x44″, either framed or unframed.

Minted Review

Minted also features a vast selection of fine paper products including wedding invitations, birth announcements, religious celebrations, stationary and gifts as well as art and room decor.

To celebrate and remember life’s most memorable moments, make an impact by choosing exquisite paper products from Minted.

Minted has extended their Black Friday sale with the following discounts: 20% off holiday cards and photo art orders over $150 (use code 20BF), and 15% off $100 or more (use code 15BF).

(This is a sponsored post. I received payment/product from Minted in exchange for reviewing the site. But as my readers know, I only review products that I feel comfortable recommending!)

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