A Reluctant Homemaker’s Norwex Microfiber Review

Norwex microfiber

My Experience with Norwex Microfiber

As a person who lives with asthma and the neurological disorder dystonia, I’ve been interested in chemical free options for cleaning the house for several years. (Actually, my family does most of it now but I digress.) I’ve experimented with making my own cleaners over the past few years. I really didn’t like making the time to do this and I also found that using baking soda required a little more effort on my part to avoid leaving a residue so that fell flat too.

I also purchase green cleaners on occasion from Target and the natural food store in our area. The smells varied from okay to great but I always wondered if they were really picking up bacteria or just swishing it around while smelling nice.

I’ve heard about Norwex a number of times over the past few years but I never looked into them because in all honesty I hate cleaning the house, much less actually try to sell them! Nonetheless when Norwex offered their free sign up in September, I decided to check it out and try the product for itself.

I had a little trouble believing that I could easily and effectively clean around the house with just a microfiber cloth and water but found to my surprise that Norwex does just that. The first place I tried was my toothpaste-spattered bathroom mirror. The Norwex microfiber cloth easily took it off and there was a depth to the clean that I had never achieved before with a sponge, paper towel and cleaner. I went on to the bathroom sink and found it to be simple and effective at cleaning it up.

I used the other envirocloth in my kit to use around the kitchen. I wiped down the granite counter tops, the refrigerator and all the appliances that were overdue for a good wipe down. As I found with the bathroom, there was a “depth of clean” that I had not seen before. Plus it was so simple to use – just the Norwex microfiber cloth and water.

Cleaning the blinds is another chore that I hate and the dust build up on the blinds reflect that. I used the Norwex dust mitt to take off the bulk of the dust. It adhered to the dust mitt without flying around and I just shook it off outside. I then wiped it down with the Norwex microfiber cloth. Fast and easy. I might actually keep up with this now.

norwex microfiber

What makes the Norwex microfiber cloth safe and effective?

  • Norwex Microfiber is 1/200th the size of a human hair, yet it holds up to seven times its weight in matter. As you lightly wipe the surfaces around your home, the microfibers will pick up the tiniest particles of dust and trap them in the fibers.
  • Unlike cotton cloths that just spread the dirt and bacteria around, Norwex Microfiber (when used wet) lifts these elements away from the surface and up into the cloth. Once inside the cloth, the micro silver goes to work against the bacteria and fungi within 24 hours so that it can be used again.

What are the benefits of cleaning with Norwex Microfiber?

  • Chemical free cleaning is of utmost importance to families who are living with chronic illness or disabilities. Chemical fumes and residue can exacerbate physical symptoms. With Norwex cleaning products, we have the assurance that we are not breathing or touching harmful substances and our children are not ingesting harmful chemicals.
  • Norwex saves money over time by reducing the use of household cleaners, paper towels and other supplies. The average household spends $450-$600 on cleaning supplies per year.

How do I care for my Norwex Microfiber cloth?

  • Launder Norwex Microfiber cloths with other lint-free laundry.
  • Wash only with Norwex Ultra Power Plus or another environmentally friendly brand that does not contain fillers or bleach. Additionally, do not use bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets with Norwex products.
  • Try soaking your microfiber in hot water with a little Ultra Power Plus (or other environmentally friendly detergent) overnight, then launder as usual.
  • You can also gently boil your microfiber clothes for 10 minutes to remove stubborn stains and odors, but this treatment should only be done up to four times a year.

Does Norwex guarantee its products?

Norwex backs its commitment to quality with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. They will replace or exchange any merchandise you receive that is damaged or defective to your complete satisfaction.

Final thoughts

In summary, cleaning is a physical drain for me and that is why I tend to procrastinate about it. I’ve enjoyed trying out Norwex. After seeing first hand how simple it can be to clean without the use of chemicals, I decided to become a consultant to get the product at a discount and share the benefits with my friends and readers.

You can follow my product updates at my Suncoast Momma Facebook page or at my dedicated Norwex Facebook page. I will be offering Facebook parties on a monthly basis. If you’re a local friend, contact me about getting in on my monthly order to get free shipping.

#IAmYourVoice: A Social Media Campaign to Help Iraqi and Syrian Refugees


For many weeks I’ve been watching the disturbing news reports coming out of Iraq and Syria. Christian and Yazidi families being given the choice of conversion, becoming a refugee and having to leave everything behind or being executed. Families left to starve on mountaintops. Women sold as sex slaves to the men of ISIS. Vicious beheadings strutted out on social media. I felt paralyzed and burdened as I watched these news reports.  I prayed but wondered if there was any tangible way that I could help.

Now there is a way that we can all help. Become a part of the I Am Your Voice Prayer Team. Join us in praying for the Christians, Yazidis and others who are dying for their refusal to convert. Pray for the needs of those who have been forced to leave their homes and are now refugees. Pray for Peace to come to the Middle East.

I am your voice

How Can You Help?


Pray for their safety in such a time as this. Pray for the humanitarian workers who are “boots on the ground” and daily ministering to their needs. Pray that there would be a global effort to help them. Pray for the militants. This is hard but we must remember that no one is outside the grace and redemption of Christ. Pray that they might experience visions, signs and wonders that are the unmistakeable revelation of Jesus Christ.

“The effective prayer of a righteous man avails much.” (James 5:16)

“For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds.”  2 Cor. 10:4


You can donate money to Food for the Hungry. They are well established in the areas where the refugees are.  You can give knowing your money will reach them directly and go to provide for their basic needs. Here’s an idea of what your donation can provide:

$22-  one family for hygiene items
$65 – Ensures that three families receive essential hygiene items, including a bucket, jerry can, soap, and disinfectant
$125 – Provides one week of emergency food rations to 10 people to guard against malnutrition


Social Media Campaign

Share the video below with your family and friends through social media.

Change your profile picture to the #IAmYourVoice logo that you can find under the picture section of IAmYourVoice. Share images that you can find here.

Here are some social media statuses that you can use:

We will cry out for the children who fear they will be the next victim. #IAmYourVoice

We will call out for the women who fear enslavement by this enemy. #IAmYourVoice

We will speak for the men who cannot protect their wives and children.  #IAmYourVoice

We hear your silent screams. #IAmYourVoice

We will pray. #IAmYourVoice

We will send help to you. #IAmYourVoice

We will carry your testimonies here so people know what is happening to you.  #IAmYourVoice

We will not allow America, or the rest of the world, to ignore you.  #IAmYourVoice

Alone, we are nothing, but through the blood of Jesus we are family and we will speak for you.  #IAmYourVoice

Iraqi/Syrian Christians are under intense persecution.  Be their voice!  #IAmYourVoice

Want to know how to help persecuted Christians? Visit I Am Your Voice #IAmYourVoice

By working together we can raise greater awareness for the plight of those being persecuted in Iraq and Syria. We must advocate for those who are voiceless. We will speak for them. Please visit IAmYourVoice to find out how you can help.



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